I attended a course this weekend, in alignment with raising collective frequency.  Allow me to explain what I mean by raising collective frequency.

As an individual, when we raise our personal frequency, we tap into a new reality that resonates with and attracts the same vibration. Energetically, this means that to become lighter, we need to release what feels dark or heavy. We may, or may not, release for a long time but to release for some healing time is a certainty.

It's no secret that, on a global scale, "things" are a little weird, off centre, something is up, smells a little fishy, whatever you'd like to call it, it's out there. It looks like a lot is falling apart, or falling together, depending on your lenses. Relationships of all natures are shifting more than ever before, either elevating or not, as the collective are choosing the energies that serve their highest interests. This is one way of shifting vibrational frequencies to match your vision. It's no lie that good vibes, (all vibes) are contagious and healing has never trended quite as much as it is in these moments.

Marianne Williamson said, "until we have met the monsters in ourselves, we will keep trying to slay them in the outer world for all darkness in the world stems from darkness in the heart and it is there that we must do our work." This quote came up for me this weekend as I pushed right out of my comfort zone and explored deeper levels of innerstanding.

Growing up, I felt as though trauma was only taken care of in front of a therapist. You're given an hour and when it's up, healing is under wraps until the next session. For me, various healing modalities have opened, not only, my eyes and my mind but also my heart to the levels of healing that we are capable of diving into on our journey of becoming the best version of ourselves. In my opinion and experience, I feel that when we are disciplined, healing is the greatest gift one can give oneself.  It is a reprogramming, a lifestyle. To heal, deeply and honestly, is happening in every moment, if you choose, because your absolute presence and consciousness is required.

By the end of a particular process in the course, what was revealed to me was a long, hard, harsh reality of how many years I spent holding resentment against people, events, myself, life etc. I was faced with a look at, let's call it, my own personal ego tax. 

Seeing a balance sheet, in front of my very eyes, of how many years were spent losing, bit by bit, my peace, my integrity, femininity, sleep, spirituality, health, separation, discipline, authenticity, strength, relationships, self respect, time, energy, love, self worth, magical moments, money, wisdom due to this resentment I held and above all else, how long I have given away my soul, has been a diabolical smack in the face, to say the least. The realisation itself, felt like a bolt of energy through my entire being, from top to toe.

So many ah ha's revealed to me during, since and I am sure in the moments to come, even more so. Even those of us with the biggest, softest, warmest hearts are carrying the heaviest, bitterness and judgements, holding people hostage without realising that the one's we are subconsciously imprisoning are ourselves.

In closing, I feel it relevant to mention that forgiveness is more than just making peace with an event, a person, a group of people and so on. True, deep and meaningful forgiveness means that you make peace with yourself for the discontent that could cost you your sanity in each moment of your precious, human life.

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Love always,
Keilah 💛

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