Ever heard the quote, your vibe attracts your tribe?  Have you overthinkers overthought this one yet?  Of course, you have.

I have overthought how, if I'm vibrating at a particular frequency, how come I'm attracting different frequencies into my space.  In recent times I've realised that "the frequency," the one that belongs to me, was waiting for me to eliminate lower vibrations so that I could level up.  Does that make sense?  Let me take a few steps back.

I've found it really difficult, at various points in my life, to fit in.  That was when I was trying to, before I learned that it was way cooler to be my own self, a sovereign being, instead of trying to be a version of someone else or a version that someone else wanted me to be.

As you level up on your journey, you will notice that you either lose people on the way or that you need to let people go in order to fully experience the best version of yourself.  This isn't simple, especially when you have a deep meaningful connection, like to a child, spouse or other family.

Now, I'm not saying that you need to shut out and disappear from everyone you love and care about, no. 

What I am saying is that you can become aware of who feels to be committed to misunderstanding you.  It's not always their fault, you could just be on different timelines to learn different lessons, thus the reason for the misinterpretation.  

I'm saying to you to eliminate the expectation of an outcome that works in your favour from someone other than to yourself, practicing non-attachment.

What I am saying is that when the misconception of your words, actions or intentions disturbs you, try and find the trigger - why does it upset you that your motives have been misunderstood?  Name the e-motion (energy in motion) connected to the trigger.  Recognise that this is e-motion is what needs work, not the person who triggered you.

If you consciously distance yourself from anyone or anything that does not serve your highest good, even if only for some time, it means you are choosing yourself, which is a difficult concept to comprehend. 

We have depleted ourselves doing so much for people or things that give us very little in exchange.  In fact, they take more than the value that they add.  It is therefore imperative that you allow yourself to connect with people who get you, who feel your words and even more so, feel what you don't say.  

This is your tribe.  They will not always have sweet, kind and complimentary things to say about you.  Your tribe will call you out, face to face, in love and with compassion and with the vision of growing you into the best possible version of yourself.

Raise your awareness in the effort to incorporate these traits into your existence so that you can become more conscious of which areas of your life require an energetic shift.

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