I'll never forget the day my daughter, at age 4, told me, "mommy I remember choosing you guys as my mommy and daddy".

That hit me hard.  Not knowing how to handle it, I carried on bathing her and showed very little interest so that I didn't have to discuss it any further.  Years later, in her early teens, when I was going through a particularly difficult time as a single mother, she reminded me, "mom, just remember, you didn't just choose to have me, I chose you."

After having walked a road with the decision of whether I was fit enough to birth my daughter at the time, hearing these words spoken in her voice, left me feeling overwhelmed with e-motion. Also, a sure way to get an overthinking mind ticking.

Over the years and particularly on my spiritual journey, I have learned that we choose all of which happens to us / through us.  Before we were born we were offered an opportunity to experience a human life and all the beautiful and interesting lessons and experiences that come with it.  Imagine just how powerful this would be, should more parents allow their children to embrace this comprehension.  Powerful for them, revolutionary for the collective.

Why, you may ask?  Because it frees you from the frustration of the attempt to control an outcome, using the excuse that you're doing what's best for them.  It gives them the freedom to be themselves and not have to unf*ck themselves later on down the line when they learn that they are their own selves and that they don't have to be mini versions of you or what your idea of them should be.

But how, you might wonder?  Well, for starters, you have got to become more aware of our programmed design to control the beings in our space, our children are in the direct firing line.  No, I am not saying that children should be left to their own devices, we have a lot to teach them and in doing so, we must bare in mind that there is a difference between guiding and controlling.  Guiding will give them the tools to feel confident in the practical after having had the theory with you and knowing that even if they fail and even if you are disappointed, that is yours, not theirs, for them to know that no matter what, you have their back.

Becoming aware of the above, is the first step to making the change because awareness of anything has the ability to transform it.

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