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Welcome to Rebearth!  

Did you know that if you unscramble the letters in the word earth, it spells the word heart. Rebearthing is the process of dissolving mind chatter, innerstanding energy in motion and clearing the path back to your heart. A rebirth takes place when a being chooses change.

Beings often find themselves entangled in trauma, I certainly have and I am sure you have too. Beautifully explained by the great Gabor Mate, trauma is not always something that happened to you but often things that didn't happen for you that you needed. Unresolved trauma manifests itself in emotions which may further develop into physical symptoms such as dis-ease in the body and loops back into chatter in the mind.

Rebearth is a space created to bring a fresh perspective to your mind's eye and offers a sense of clarity and belonging for light beings on their life's journey. Here you will have access to healing tools, disciplines, valuable processes and information to enhance the experience that is your emotional and spiritual evolution. The greatest gift is the dedication to our healing journey for when one heals, we heal our lineages and most importantly, the collective. It all starts with you.

Whether you are committed to bettering yourself, working through trauma, looking for a shift, be it physical, energetic, or a conscious shift from fear to love, you've come to the right place.

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Love always, Keilah
Intuitive coach and spiritual mentor
Every being embodies superego traits.  It's human nature to identify these traits in others, first.  The transformation comes in when we are able to see the traits we identify in others, in ourselves.  That's where the magic is right there because that's where you heal.  Heal-thy Self  :) Book a time slot to identify when or whether you are embodying these ego traits.  Awareness transforms all.  
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