Allen, Pta, South Africa

Since joining Rebearth, I no longer feel stuck or overwhelmed. Keilah coached me to identify my life's purpose, tackle my deepest fears and navigate personal struggles. This journey has been empowering. I am, without doubt, a better version of myself. Rebearth is the real deal!

Arnold, Cornwall, UK
Rebearth Showed Me How I Was Standing In My Own Way

My life has changed in ways I never imagined they could since I began sessions with Keilah. Life has been showing me the way all along and I never saw it, nor did I realise I was standing in my own way. Keilah is helping / has helped me with many challenges, most of all, setting healthy boundaries, this was a big one. Outside of the basics, Keilah has coached me into feeling my intuition and this, I think, is the key to unlocking it all for me. Thank you isn't enough so, like you say, I'll "just be, that is the gift."

Claire, Jhb, South Africa

If you are serious about shadow work, Keilah is your girl. If you are serious about calling yourself out, recognising your ego traits, call on Keilah. If you are ready for change and to step into your true capabilities, I highly recommend Keilah. We've had great success personally, in our family sessions and this has been the missing piece for my business to take off.

Lily, KZN, South Africa
Life-changing Personal Transformation

Rebearth's influence on my life has been extraordinary. I've learned to love myself, set goals and be independent. The personal development skills that Keilah has equipped me with are invaluable and have brought a significant change. Investing in Rebearth is investing in yourself.

Logan, Jhb, South Africa

I have been recovering from addiction all my life until Keilah taught me what it was all really about. Life has been a dream since I came clean - with myself, my family and faced my trauma's until I no longer needed my fix. So grateful to have been referred to Rebearth.

Ivory, Jhb, South Africa

Keilah is nothing short of spectacular. Her positive outlook on life is such a breath of fresh air. She has assisted me in altering my way of thinking to not feeling like the world is on my shoulders but rather see every obstacle as a lesson and use it as an opportunity to grow and learn. Practicing my gratitude for every obstacle that is placed before me has assisted me in becoming aware of what my lessons are. It's been an absolute out of body experience with Keilah and I thoroughly look forward to the journey that lies ahead.

Itu, PTA, South Africa

Life is always teaching. If you care to notice. Sometimes you don't or can't notice. Your current programming is not serving you well. That's where you need RE-programming. Where you become aware. Where you notice from a mile away. That's where I am now. Working with Keilah and using her methods has lead to this. Life will never be the same again...

Dee, MP, South Africa

Working with Keilah has been an enlightening experience, to say the least. She has helped me to change my perspective on life. She introduced me to mental, or rather, spiritual health practices that I still apply today. One of my favourite practices that I still apply is shadow work, now that's a game changer. I will forever be grateful for the empathy and understanding that Keilah has shown me on my journey.

Charles, Sussex, UK
Personal Growth Achievement

Working with the Rebearth team has made a drastic shift in my life. I've grown tremendously in the past year, learning to set boundaries and prioritize myself. My coach showed me it's ok to put my personal development first and it has made all the difference. Thank you Rebearth!

Sarah, Jhb, South Africa
Breakthrough in Personal Development

Rebearth has been a lifesaver for me! I've gained the courage to confront my anxieties and face my fears. Keilah guided me through challenges, pointing me towards a happier and more fulfilling life. Her method is profound and insightful. I feel reborn and refreshed. Words can hardly describe the gratitude I have for Rebearth!

James, Ctn, South Africa

I've gone through numerous challenging times in my personal life. Keilah listens and pays attention to detail relating to the obstacles. Her sessions are treated with objectivity and clarity, making it easier to navigate through difficult situations.

Craig, Pennsylvania, USA
An Angel on Earth

Keilah is in tune with the universe. She will talk about any topic confidently because it's not about the issue, it's about how we handle the issue. Her perspective and her guidance gives you the answers and directions you need.