Ever been curious to what it would look like to be a sovereign being?  What is a sovereign being anyway? 

To keep it simple, a sovereign being can be seen as a living being who is fully responsible and accountable for their own actions and not ruled or controlled by governments or any external agendas.

A sovereign being is not something you become, it's what you already are.  Years of programming has taught us to believe a narrative which has not been kind to humanity and forced us to lose sight of our own abilities to manipulate the energy around us into, not only what our hearts desire but what our beings, our physical vessels, our minds and our souls deserve.

The following are a list of decrees that, if implemented into your daily routine, will serve you well.  To embrace your sovereignty, you would practice:

* following your intuition and heart

* having respect for all others and their unique path

* embracing, accepting and allowing - more on this topic in another article

* seeking to be in service to love in all moments

* leading by example

* passion and compassion

* trusting the divine plan

* doing what is best and what is in the highest for all

* being considerate of your community

* respecting all of life and mother earth

* being self empowered

* seeking joy for the collective

* surrendering to the divine flow

* choosing love over fear

* acting and speaking in integrity

* taking accountability for the collective

* always seeking growth and expansion

* treating every being as sacred

* taking nothing personally

* being a giver (without expectations)

* speaking truth no matter what

* choosing peace and understanding

* being a master of their own energy

* being in the present moment, in every moment

While some of the above may sound simple and others impossible, you may wonder how on our green earth to tick all of the boxes.  Below is a user-friendly road map to get you on your way.  Feel free to take a pit stop at any given point and remember, it's not a race, it's a journey.

Start here:

* Declare your sovereignty

* Accept accountability and responsibility for all experiences in your life including disfunction

* Dedicate yourself to your own personal healing and transformation

* Be fully transparent at all times with yourself and with others

* Share your truth with others

* Call your ego out with love and compassion, always

* Let go of any person and environment or anything that is no longer a vibrational match

* Dissolve all anger, blame, guilt, shame, projection, judgment and old belief systems

* Let go of all saviour programming

* Connect with your angels and guides daily for direction and for assistance when needed

* Follow your own guidance, always

* Be in service to love

* Declare your vessel a vessel of divine will only

* Show compassion and kindness to all living beings

* Love yourself and practice self-love disciplines daily

* Dissolve all control and force

* Surrender to divine will

* Face all fears that come up within

* Embody courage, bravery and trust

* Embody divine expression through art, singing, dancing, speaking, writing etc - get creative

* Focus your thoughts, energy and actions on New Earth

* Cut chords with all lower energies and paradigms 

* Cut chords with lower thoughts and flip them to higher

* Be conscious of where you are placing your energy at all moments

* Share your experiences, express your thoughts and feelings and take divine action

* Connect with your soul tribe

* Be open to change and growth

* Dissolve pain and suffering, mentally, within

* Practice abundant living

* Be impeccable in everything that you do

When you raise your awareness in the effort to incorporate these traits into your existence, you will soon become more conscious of which areas require an energetic shift. 

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