Today I'd like to bust an industry myth: Coaches, healers, energy guides or workers etc have been through the worst, they've healed, all is peaches and roses now that they have everything under control, they are free to heal others.

Couldn't be further from the truth.

Here are 5 truths I have discovered on my healing journey which I had a slightly different narrative on, before my awakening: 

1. Mentors and the likes have taken on spiritual contracts with other beings, some seem a little more intense than others but of course, that's based on the POV of the beholder. Healing, just like time, is not linear. As long as you are feeling, you are healing. This means that one is never fully healed so drop the expectation of yourself or anyone else of ever being fully healed. The triggers will come up, they are faithful that way. Stay true to yourself and see what they are presenting to you ABOUT YOURSELF every time a trigger appears. Then, change something in the way you deal with it. 

I need to add under this point that, each time I work with a being, I learn more about myself. I get to share relative experiences and how we practice overcoming the energetic consequences of an event and I walk away feeling enlightened and appreciative of the downloads received during our session. What a beautiful exchange!

2. Some would call healing blood, sweat and tears and they wouldn't be wrong. But some perceive blood, sweat, tears and pain to be suffering when in fact it's healing, no matter how ugly it looks. It's the victory on the other side of it that makes it worth the mess. It's not about how sad you were, it's about, what did you learn while you were there and who you've transformed into this time. And next time. And just imagine who it'll be next time. 

3. Holding space. There are times that we feel so alone during our sadness and knowing that someone is holding space for you in the midst of melancholy is often the most empowering catalyst to healing. Holding space for someone is not always easy. We can see the way out and the solution is often simple in our eyes, however, excruciating for another being and we might find ourselves wondering why the heck they won't just..... Fill in the blank. Holding space for them by being present in compassion and empathy while they figure their way through their emotions, no matter how long it takes, is truly holding space. Put your ego aside and shine genuine love and light from your heart into theirs. 

4. You can be the help, shine the light and send the love from a distance. You do not have to be physically present. Energy is real and we are here to learn how to make the energy work for us and teach others to do the same. Kinda the same principle as when you think of someone and they text. Being energetically present is far more powerful than physical presence. It's just amplified when a being is tapped into their energetic talents and their energy activates their physical ability. 

5. Reheart (remembering with your heart, not your ego mind) that there is no good or bad, it's our perception. No good people or bad people, we are all born the same, our behaviours change and effect those around us. This may trigger a range of e-motions (energy in motion) which takes me back to point 1. 

When we adapt our vision and accept that what happened TO us, happened FOR us, that's when you activate the game changer.

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