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I started Rebearth Clothing in 2024 as a mom of 3, driven to make a difference in the world and leave a legacy for my children.

After volunteering for some time at a couple of NPO's, I experienced, first hand, how thrifting for a cause is a beautiful exchange of service and decided I wanted to be more of service...but how could I contribute more and raise children at the same time? Rebearth Clothing - new and second hand, mostly natural materials, bohemian, chic, vintage style clothing and accessory outlet was launched in support of Chic Mama's and Love It Again. My first few purchases began at both stores and grew with donations by those in support of my vision.

How can you contribute to the vision?

Follow & invite friends to follow this brand on the various platforms here
Be in contact to donate any clothing you are ready to allow someone else to ❤
Place an order via Whatsapp +27827811030
Items that do not fall into the Boho bracket will be donated to Love It Again and Chic Mama's
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Rebearth is a holistic health coaching service dedicated to helping individuals, through various modalities, discover their true potential and achieve optimal well-being.

Hi, my name is Keilah.  I am a holistic wellness guide, at your service to address all aspects of your life, including physical health, mental well-being and spiritual balance. With focus on personalized plans and ongoing support, I enjoy empowering individuals to make positive changes and live a life of vitality and fulfillment. Whether you're seeking guidance on a soul level, physically through stress management or personal growth, as an individual, couple or family, Rebearth offers you a transformative experience in your journey to holistic wellness.
Coaching & Counseling

Coaching & Counseling

Coaching helps you gain clarity, perspective and live with greater awareness, joy and fulfillment. It may not be easy but it's simple. With mindful guidance, powerful tools and techniques, be it individual or family group coaching sessions. Click below to invest in a suitable payment strategy for your rebirth.

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