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Rebearth is a holistic health coaching service dedicated to helping individuals, through various modalities, discover their true potential and achieve optimal well-being.

Hi, my name is Keilah.  I am a holistic wellness guide, at your service to address all aspects of your life, including physical health, mental well-being and spiritual balance. With focus on personalized plans and ongoing support, I enjoy empowering individuals to make positive changes and live a life of vitality and fulfillment. Whether you're seeking guidance on a soul level, physically through stress management or personal growth, as an individual, couple or family, Rebearth offers you a transformative experience in your journey to holistic wellness.
Coaching & Counseling

Coaching & Counseling

Coaching helps you gain clarity, perspective and live with greater awareness, joy and fulfillment. It may not be easy but it's simple. With mindful guidance, powerful tools and techniques, be it individual or family group coaching sessions. Click below to invest in a suitable payment strategy for your rebirth.

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A collection of thoughts and opinions based on personal experience

I think this post is more for me than it is for you but I'll let you read it anyway, hee hee! I spend every waking moment in gratitude. Gratitude for people, places and events - especially the one's that leave me feeling challenged. Highly recommended and totally free!

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In closing, I feel it relevant to mention that forgiveness is more than just making peace with an event, a person, a group of people and so on. True, deep and meaningful forgiveness means that you make peace with yourself for the discontent that could cost you your sanity in each moment of your precious, human life.

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She stressed the importance of reciting these affirmations, daily, looking into the reflection of our eyes. She even went so far as to say that we need 50 affirmations each. 50!!! To top it off, I needed to say them daily. There was no way I was able to come up with 50 affirmations about myself and I sure as shit was not going to look at myself in the mirror every single day saying these things about myself.

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When we begin to see that experiencing what happened TO us as something that happened FOR us, that's when you activate the game changer.

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This article aims to guide readers on how to shift their perspectives from viewing hardships as obstacles to viewing them as blessings. It emphasizes the power of gratitude and its transformative effect on life.

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So, just rehearting you that their behaviour is not who they are, you are not delusional, you most likely have fallen in love with who they are at the core. After all, we see in others a reflection of ourselves. You would not support a friend in losing themselves as a result of behaviour that is not in alignment with their highest, love yourself the same way.

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This life that we bitch and moan about, is a miraculous gift and we should be embracing every f*cking breath and creating unforgettable memories because let's not forget that we come to earth naked and we leave the same.

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To keep it simple, a sovereign being can be innerstood as a living being who is fully responsible and accountable for their own actions and not ruled or controlled by governments or agendas.

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Every time you find yourself in a judgement space, reheart (not remind) yourself that you have not necessarily been in that person's shoes and even if you have, you may not have had it the same. Be kind, always.

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1. Everything changes and ends 2. Things do not always go according to plan 3. Life is not always fair 4. Pain is part of life 5. People are not loving and loyal all the time

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We have depleted ourselves doing so much for people or things that give us very little in exchange. In fact, they take more than the value they add. It is therefore imperative that you allow yourself to connect with people who get you, who feel your words and even more so, feel what you don't say.

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  • Right Here, Right Now

~ service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ~

Love It Again

Non-profit Organisation

Today, 78% of Grade 4 learners cannot read and write at sufficient level in South Africa. It is vital we invest in developing minds and create a proper base for years to come. ECD is the basis of school readiness and the foundation phase for learning in later years. Providing proper nutrition and safe, stimulating environments where kids can thrive is the basis for life-long learning. We support literacy, numeracy, counselling, art therapy, ECD interventions and many more amazing projects in very impoverished areas around the country. Be part of our mission by donating to or purchasing from our online store!

Childline South Africa

Non-profit Organisation

Childline is an effective non-profit organization that works collectively to protect children from all forms of violence and to create a culture of children's rights in South Africa. Find out more about contributing to this amazing organisation by clicking on any of the profile links.

The Teddy Bear Foundation

Non Governmental Organisation

The Teddy Bear Clinic is a non governmental organisation that support the youth and families of abused children right from the get go, from therapy to court hearings and always go the extra mile. Children are going to be someone's husband, wife, mother or father one day...let that sink in.

All Hearts Foundation - Wolf & Animal Sanctuary

Non-profit Organisation

We are a Wolf Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort, South Africa. We have grown to help wolves and animals of all shapes and sizes, as well as our community. We open our hearts to all that need help. We are All Hearts Wolf and Animal Foundation! Click on any of the above profile links to see how you can be of support to this beautiful sanctuary.

Gideon's Animal Outreach

Non-profit Organisation

Gideon Morar is an Animal Welfare Inspector and has dealt with thousands of cruelty cases, rescues and welfare concerns. His passion for helping animals has led to the creation of this outreach, where he can focus on helping, educating and preventing cruelty etc. Support here!

Bridget Edwards

EFT Practitioner

Bridget is a holistic Mental Health and Wellness practitioner and advocate with 15 active years of experience in Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping. Recognized internationally, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as ‘tapping’ is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE complimentary therapy for emotional distress, or physical aches and pains. EFT ‘tapping’ delivers permanent results FAST by using a one-of-a-kind holistic method of mindful, intentional fingertip ‘tapping’ on acupressure points. The benefits are endless and it is an exercise that you can use anytime, anywhere. Please take the time to visit her website for more information.

Lauren Clucas

Author of "Choices: How to Mend or End a Broken Relationship"

Lauren Clucas has a masters’ degree in social science (counselling) from the University of South Australia. Her career as a relationship counsellor has spanned over twenty years and she has worked extensively with couples and individuals in the areas of relationship and depression. Infidelity and affairs are by far the main reasons couples seek out therapy. Like an infidelity workbook for couples, you’ll find exercises and questionnaires in Choices: How to Mend or End a Broken Relationship, Lauren's latest publication, that help you get at the truth. See Amazon for this amazing guide to having your best relationship today, be it in marriage, partnership or with yourself!

Gregory Trollip

Numerologist & Spiritual Guide

Are you soul searching, facing a few challenges or simply going through some major changes? It all starts with the day you were born. Book a one hour numerology session with Gregory. What to expect: reveal hidden karmic lessons | activate inner gifts | expose unconscious fears | awaken your awareness. Do you know your human design? Let's discover together. Set up your one hour power session today!!!


Integral Healer

Integral healing is when one takes all aspects of oneself into consideration for healing, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. When dealing with dis-ease in the body, integral healing transforms dis-ease into an opportunity for the body to consciously approach the soul so that physical matter can reveal the face of the spirit. Agnessa is an Integral Healer, providing holistic wellness to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing.


Quantum Astrology Reading

A Recorded Quantum Reading of Your Astrological Blueprint. This reading will include an in depth look at your astrology chart, placements, as well as your current transits that are bringing change and transformation to your life. Any specific questions can be answered regarding relationships, roles, life's purpose + destiny.