~ service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ~

Love It Again

Non-profit Organisation

Today, 78% of Grade 4 learners cannot read and write at sufficient level in South Africa. It is vital we invest in developing minds and create a proper base for years to come. ECD is the basis of school readiness and the foundation phase for learning in later years. Providing proper nutrition and safe, stimulating environments where kids can thrive is the basis for life-long learning. We support literacy, numeracy, counselling, art therapy, ECD interventions and many more amazing projects in very impoverished areas around the country. Be part of our mission by donating to or purchasing from our online store!

Childline South Africa

Non-profit Organisation

Childline is an effective non-profit organization that works collectively to protect children from all forms of violence and to create a culture of children's rights in South Africa. Find out more about contributing to this amazing organisation by clicking on any of the profile links.

The Teddy Bear Foundation

Non Governmental Organisation

The Teddy Bear Clinic is a non governmental organisation that support the youth and families of abused children right from the get go, from therapy to court hearings and always go the extra mile. Children are going to be someone's husband, wife, mother or father one day...let that sink in.

All Hearts Foundation - Wolf & Animal Sanctuary

Non-profit Organisation

We are a Wolf Sanctuary in Hartbeespoort, South Africa. We have grown to help wolves and animals of all shapes and sizes, as well as our community. We open our hearts to all that need help. We are All Hearts Wolf and Animal Foundation! Click on any of the above profile links to see how you can be of support to this beautiful sanctuary.

Gideon's Animal Outreach

Non-profit Organisation

Gideon Morar is an Animal Welfare Inspector and has dealt with thousands of cruelty cases, rescues and welfare concerns. His passion for helping animals has led to the creation of this outreach, where he can focus on helping, educating and preventing cruelty etc. Support here!