How come you save the red lipstick for special occasions?  Why do you store the sportscar in the garage for weekends only?  Have you been saving those heels for a posh doo?  Have you told her how much she means to you, what you love about her?  How come you bring the softer towels out for guests only?  Why do you only bake cakes on a celebration?  

Wear the sexy lingerie, every day.  Wear the lipstick.  Wear the heels.  Drive the sportscar.  Use the soft towels. Say yes, at least once a day.  Say no more often.  Use the 2 ply toilet paper.  Wear the perfume, every day.  Eat your favourite meal.  Rest.  When your body says so, not when your head tells you.

We teach people how to love us and so if you're not behaving like you believe you're golden, you can't expect anyone to love you any different.  

You're golden, baby and don't you forget it.  Get 'em!