I think this post is more for me than it is for you but I'll let you read it anyway, hee hee!  I spend every waking moment in gratitude.  Gratitude for people, places and events - especially the one's that leave me feeling challenged.  Highly recommended and totally free!

My 5 Elements



To my children, the reason. Thank you for riding the waves with me. I am blessed that each of you chose me as your mom. You inspire and motivate me and I love learning from you every single day - even / especially on the days you are my mirror. Thank you for being my children and best friends and for giving me the most priceless memories. My heart is full watching you blossom into the beautiful beings that you chose to embrace and I am blessed to be on this journey together with you! I love you with my whole everything. Forever together and never to part, in every lifetime!!!



Thank you to my beautiful mama, for nurturing me in your womb and for the timeless, priceless, unconditional love.  I am blessed to have travelled through you to have the full human experience! I am grateful for inheriting your good, kind, humble heart, your nurturing presence and your beautiful spirit. Thank you to my dad, for passing down the ability to touch the lives of many and for teaching me valuable life lessons. Thank you to all of my family for raising me, it seriously took a village!  I love you all to the ends of the earth, more than all the stars in the galaxy.



To my friends, the wind beneath my wings, my earth angels, thank you for giving me the freedom to be myself. Thank you for understanding my heart and intentions. Thank you for picking me up on the days I couldn't, for inspiring me, being vulnerable with me and mostly, thank you for the equal energy that we continue to exchange. I value your presence in my life and am blessed to have you on my path, by my side, having my back every step of the way. I love you <3 


Human Current

My soul fam, the element that binds all elements! Thank you for being more and doing less, for all that you take on in the name of love for all of humanity, for living in alignment, for the no judgement space, for radiating your big, bright, rainbow light and for the genuine compassion you offer all living beings, in every given moment. Most of all, thank you for being love. Love you.


Me, Myself & I

I give gratitude to past, present and future versions of myself.  How beautiful, the journey, to realise that the one person who never left my me!  

Add your name to your list, every single day, to boost your gratitude practice!!!

Love always,


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