Rebearth Teen Community and Parent Support

While I'd like to say that it's just as important as our reprogramming, I believe that it's a priority to reprogram our children out of their conditioned, fear based mindset into a natural, free thinking and open heart and mind.  We have opened a confidential channel to support tweens and teens across the globe on a secure platform where they will learn that they are not as alone as they feel to be and will have the opportunity to connect with a tribe who get them.  

The long term intention of growing healthy children is creating future earth parents that are spiritually and emotionally equipped to face the human experience.

Parents are encouraged to reach out to us for support. For the most part, we weren't taught how to cope with other people's emotions, let alone our own. When you begin the journey to a deeper innerstanding of self, you become a wayshower for your child/ren.

Contact us on or at @Rebearth369 if you would like to join the support groups or for more information.  Click on the booking tab to book an exchange for your personal or family healing investment.