Bridget Edwards

EFT Practitioner

Bridget is a holistic Mental Health and Wellness practitioner and advocate with 15 active years of experience in Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping. Recognized internationally, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), also known as ‘tapping’ is a HIGHLY EFFECTIVE complimentary therapy for emotional distress, or physical aches and pains. EFT ‘tapping’ delivers permanent results FAST by using a one-of-a-kind holistic method of mindful, intentional fingertip ‘tapping’ on acupressure points. The benefits are endless and it is an exercise that you can use anytime, anywhere. Please take the time to visit her website for more information before booking a session with Bridget.

Lauren Clucas

Author of "Choices: How to Mend or End a Broken Relationship"

Lauren Clucas has a masters’ degree in social science (counselling) from the University of South Australia. Her career as a relationship counsellor has spanned over twenty years and she has worked extensively with couples and individuals in the areas of relationship and depression. Infidelity and affairs are by far the main reasons couples seek out therapy. Like an infidelity workbook for couples, you’ll find exercises and questionnaires in Choices: How to Mend or End a Broken Relationship, Lauren's latest publication, that help you get at the truth. Choices is based on the real-life application of concepts straight from the therapist’s consult room, offering much more than couples counselling books or marriage counselling books. See Amazon for this amazing guide to having your best relationship today, be it in marriage, partnership or with yourself!

Gregory Trollip

Numerologist & Spiritual Guide

Are you soul searching, facing a few challenges or simply going through some major changes? It all starts with the day you were born. Book a one hour numerology session with Gregory. What to expect: reveal hidden karmic lessons activate inner gifts expose unconscious fears awaken your awareness Do you know your human design? Let's discover together. Set up your one hour power session today!!!


Integral Healer

Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. It also is called hypnotherapy. Psychoanalysis takes 600 sessions on average to bring about lasting change, while hypnotherapy can take only six. Hypnotherapy can aid in pain management and help to resolve medical concerns such as digestive disorders, skin conditions, symptoms of autoimmune disorders, and the gastrointestinal side effects of pregnancy or chemotherapy. It can also be used by dentists to help patients control their fears before procedures or to treat teeth grinding and other oral conditions. These are to mention just a few. Nuff said. Book your session with Agnessa yesterday!