I may not have made it without you



Thank you to my earth mother, the portal through which I am blessed to have travelled to have the full human experience. I appreciate inheriting your good, kind, humble heart, your nurturing presence and beautiful spirit. Thank you, earth father, for passing down the ability to touch the lives of many and for making the effort to stay in touch with me. Thank you to all of my earth family for raising me, making sure I always had everything I needed, supporting me and most of all for unconditionally loving me in every moment. I love you all to the ends of the earth, more than all the stars in the galaxy.



To my children, the reason. Thank you for riding the waves with me. I am blessed that each of you chose me as your mom. You inspire and motivate me and I love learning from you every single day - even / especially on the days you are my mirror. Thank you for being my children and best friends and for giving me the most beautiful and priceless memories. My heart is full watching you bloom into the beautiful beings that you chose to embrace and I am blessed to be on this journey together with you! I love you with my whole everything. Forever together and never to part, in every lifetime!!!



To my friends, the wind beneath my wings, my earth angels, thank you for giving me the freedom to be myself. Thank you for understanding my heart and intentions. Thank you for picking me up on the days I couldn't, for inspiring me, being vulnerable with me and mostly, thank you for the equal energy that we exchange. I value your presence in my life because although I'm always myself with you, each of you reflect different characteristics that I learn to love because I see them in you first! Beautiful, precious beings, I am so blessed to have had you on my path, by my side, having my back. I love you <3


Human Current

My soul fam, the element that binds all elements! Thank you for being more and doing less, for all that you take on in the name of love for all of humanity, for living in alignment, for the no judgement space, for radiating your big, bright, rainbow light and for the genuine compassion you offer all living beings, in every given moment. Most of all, thank you for being love. Love you #grateful


Being Me, Myself & I

Last but by no means least, to li'l Keilah, Keilah and ol'edy Keilah. Thank you for lighting a fire in us again. Thank you for all that you went through to be able to shine the light for others. Thanks to the past, present and future versions of you for allowing me to lean on you and to choose you every time I felt I wasn't chosen. You have been there right from the start and I will always, always have your back. Here's to all of us lol <3

Joan Van Niekerk

Childs Rights Activist with a PhD in Social Work

I met Joan when I was 13 years old and at the time, she was the director and National Co-Ordinator of Childline SA. She provided long term one on one therapy, group therapy, family support and she was actively present throughout my court hearings. Court preparation - a chapter from the child abuse book that seldom crosses our minds and having a Joan is a very necessary part of the support for a child who has to confront their perpetrator in front of a room of intimidating energies. Joan has and will always hold a very special, sacred space in my heart not only for what she has done and been to me but for her role to protect the children.

Mariella Furrer

Photographer | Photojournalist | Author of My Piece of Sky

Marielle Furrer, wow, now there's one I'll always hold close and dear to my heart. An extremely talented documentary photographer and photojournalist, embarked on a 10+ year journey of blood, sweat and tears into her book, My Piece of Sky: Stories of Child Sexual Abuse which includes interviews with survivors and perpetrators of child sexual abuse with the focus being in South Africa. Walking a path with Mariella has taught me that I'm less alone than what I thought and also taught me not to keep quiet about experiences that I am able to help others grow through. My gratitude is insurmountable. Purchase her book through the website link above.

Lauren Clucas

Marriage Counsellor, Couples Coaching, Personal Development Therapist and Author

On the brink of the collapse of my marriage, I began sessions with Lauren. Marriage counselling became divorce counselling which later became blended family counselling. We also worked through letting go, (of people, places, things, of perceptions and ideas) and we worked through grief as I processed the passing of my grandmother who was my Grandest Mother. Lauren is still so very much a part of my journey and every so often, I grab her 1st book, Wanted, to reference a few paragraphs and can hear her voice as I read her words. I hold Lauren in very high regard in her own capacity as a woman, wife, mother and therapist and am grateful to have been influenced by her teachings.

Edrich Smook

Counselling Psychologist B Psych (UP) M.A. Psych (UP)

Age 37, I met Edrich after having been admitted to a wellness centre for a psychological burn out which was brought on after being diagnosed with Addisson's disease, (a dis-ease of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands produce cortisol which is your fight or flight hormone (stress hormone)). The clinic motivates mindfulness, staying in the present moment of now and focus on tools to minimise the physical effects of anxiety. I continued sessions with Edrich over a few years and he has been a great help and guide through the mental wellness journey, learning about navigating through toxic relationships, mother, father and inner child healing and some days he just listened and that's all I needed. I am eternally thankful to him for the pivotal role he plays in my healing journey.

Gregory Trollip

Numerologist and Spiritual Guide

I met Gregory at a critical time of my life, where doctors were in control of my head space, telling me I would never survive without a list of scheduled meds. Gregory held the light for me as I discovered more of my true self, the depth of my courage and the natural abilities that are gifted to us all, if we just take the time to embody them. Gregory guided me to discover my inner child's true hearts desire, revealed some hidden karmic lessons, exposed my deepest fears and assisted me on my journey out of my head and back to my heart which, by the way, is a journey and not a destination!


Integral Healer

Before I met Agnessa, my biggest struggle was self-worth. They weren't all easy but each session was a beautiful, peaceful transition into a trans like state where I visited a few past traumas. Through a bright, rainbow tunnel of light, Agnessa guided me back to who I really am. There is great respect to those who practice their ability to show someone their true potential. This earth angel provided a safe space for me to unlock all doors to my alternate realities, for me to see myself at my fullest potential.

Shadow Workers


Here's to you! I am deeply grateful for the lessons. As a result, I learned (and continue learning) that you never did anything to me but for me. You have strengthened my ability to transmute ego to love and to dissolve vibrational energies that are not in alignment with my highest good. You have taken me deep diving into my own shadows by showing me yours and I believe it's thanks to you that I've earned my wings. I apologise for any wrongdoings on my behalf and appreciate your time and patience with me. I love each of you with my whole heart and always will.


Soul Fam

I am an active co-creator in a phenomenal tribe of spiritually empowering brothers and sisters at NETG, a group of awakened beings and leaders of the New Earth. Pure intentions, peace, sovereignty & solutions are the way of the future. For more information or to become involved in the New Earth Community, please pop a message through to info@rebearth.fun or Telegram @Rebearth369