Soul retrieval is a practice originating from ancient societies, mainly shamanic, whereby pieces of your shattered soul are retrieved from any person, place or living being that you have connected with over any lifetime. Variations of this practice depend on your guide and which technique they practice. There are two exceptionally important factors to this process. You will be working with a team of light angels, the angels of God. This is a very specific calling because there are various types of angels with different missions set out in humanity. Then, during your process of communicating with your angels, please insist on the cleansing and healing of your soul pieces prior to integration as this practice will eliminate any reoccurring trauma's in your life. Soul retrieval is by far the most powerful and effective method of retrieval and of integrating soul pieces to where they rightfully belong. This is a safe, self healing practice for any living being and particularly effective for those healing trauma and those who have experienced near death. With an open mind and heart, I invite you to an introduction to soul retrieval.

  • Category: Introduction to Self Healing
  • Duration: 01:15 Hours
  • Location:Online Link